How I Save Money in My Everyday Life

I am always about saving little bits of money here and there, you think it won’t add up to much but it actually will. The best part about this is it takes almost no work. The four ways I save money in my every day life is Ebates, Ibotta, Safeway and Walmart App. If your like me and live in a small town where there is no costco you have to save money everywhere you go.


This is an App you download that is so easy to use and I have noticed that they give a little more money back than ibotta but this all depends on what stores you are using. You can use this on your phone or computer and gives you a percentage back on shopping online. Click on my link below and you can get $10 right off the bat. After that refer your friends and receive $25 for each friend. How awesome is that!!

Once you have downloaded the app look for the store you would like to shop at. My go to is always amazon. It will then take you to their site and just shop and check out like normal and then BOOM cash back!!!


Okay now this app you use the exact same way as ebates. The reason I tend to go towards Ibotta more is because you can upload your receipts afterwards from your regular everyday shopping like Safeway, walmart, circle k, walgreens, cvs…… The list goes on and on. Here is my link for this one and you also get $10 is you use my code. I just made you $20 in a couple minutes!!!

Or if you download the app use code g2bogg


Safeway App

On the Safeway app in the lower left hand corner is the Just 4 U button. This is discounted prices on lots of items as well as free items and they will do occasionally $5-$10 off your purchase. All you do is click the add button and it will load these coupons to your Safeway card and automatically take it off at check out. No more walking around with paper coupons. Also you earn rewards for everything you buy, this is seen under the rewards tab at the bottom.

Click use your reward and this will also be taken off when you swipe your Safeway card at checkout. Saving money doesn’t have to be hard. I sit in my car outside of the store and add my coupons right before I shop.

Walmart App

Last but certainly not least is the walmart app. I have always used the savings catcher in their app but this recently changed so here is how to do it now. Go to the services tab at the bottom:

Click on walmart pay. It will ask you to set up your credit card. Once you have set that up it is just a QR code scanner. All I do when I checkout is pull up the walmart pay type in my pin and put the camera over the QR code. It reads it in about two seconds. Now keep your receipt because right after you have to apply your receipt too get your money back. Then that money goes straight to your walmart pay and will take that money off of your bill the next time you shop. So easy!

Always remember to redeem these receipts on ibotta afterwards to get even more cash back.

So how much money have I made? Well I have only been doing this for about six months but here it is:

Ibotta: $53.13

Ebates: $5.85 (that’s just three purchases)

Walmart: $21.98

Safeway: $187.00

Grand Total: $267.96

Now what could you do with all that money in 6 months? Hope this helps.

To fart or not to fart in front of your husband!

A friend of mine that reads my blog was talking about how funny talking about my farts was so I decided to write about kinda the pros and cons of farting in front of your husbands. If you have farts that smell like flowers please disregard but if your farts smell like rotten eggs listen up!

My husband and I were really nice to each other for probably the first three years of our marriage. We really didn’t fart in front of each other. I probably have the sweetest husband ever because if he had to fart he would go to the bathroom and do it. What a sweetheart right? Then I made the mistake of farting in his car about three years ago and it smelled like death. He is slightly obsessed with all his cars so this was a big offense. Doing this caused a farting door to be opened and now it became like a straight up war!! He now thinks it’s hilarious to fart in front of me but trust me I give it right back.

Now you must understand that it is important to keep a little mystery between you and your husband. Try not to fart in front of him 24/7 so he still thinks your classy. Also poop on the other side of the house so everyone doesn’t have to suffer from the smell. But occasionally when a great opportunity arises let out a good one. Why? Because laughing is good for the soul and it keeps your relationship fun and fresh!!

My little tid bit of the day.