16 Minute Fail

Yesterday was a rough day of being a woman so all I wanted was a quick dinner and something sweet.  Boy was I wrong with the dinner I chose.  The Pioneer Woman has a whole section in the Dinnertime Cookbook devoted to 16 minute meals.  She is amazing because this dinner took me 35 minutes?  I was way off!!  The dinner of choice was orange chicken on page 160 of the Dinnertime Cookbook, because who doesn’t love Chinese food.  The flavors that they use are so dear to my heart.

Orange Chicken

Delicious Scale- 7 out of 10

Husband Delicious Scale- 7 out of 10

Cook time- 35 minutes

Clean up- Not worth it, I used three pans, one cutting board, and frying is always a mess to clean upIMG_3877

Frying is probably one of my least favorite things to do.  For one, it scares me!  For two the clean up is so not worth it.  What was interesting to me about this frying process was the crust.  It was a mixture of egg whites and cornstarch.  Has anyone ever fried with this before?  It didn’t give me a very crispy exterior on the chicken but that is probably me mistake because I missed the part where you are supposed to fry it twice. IMG_3892

The sauce had quite a strong orange flavor.  A little to much for my liking.  So between the frying and the super orange sauce this wasn’t my favorite recipe but still pretty darn good.  Next time I will just sauté the chicken instead and add a little bit more brown sugar to the sauce.IMG_3891

For Dessert I made her quick caramel sauce on page 350.  This is so easy that it might become a problem for me.  Ever been stuck in the house on that time of the month and you really need something sweet?  Make this!!

1 cup Brown sugar

1/2 stick of butter

1 Tbs vanilla

pinch of salt

1/2 cup heavy cream

She puts this over ice cream, but I had to resort to pouring it over popcorn. Such a hard life. Haha.  I wish I could show you guys a picture but it was so good there was no time.  What else do you all like to put caramel sauce on?

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